Landscaping means consultation for and preparation of planting plans drawn for compensation, including specifications and installation details for plant materials, soil amendments, mulches, edging, gravel, and other similar materials


It is simply coordinating and beautifying the site ,

It is divided into hard scape and soft scape:


Hard scape works include: ground leveling - curbstones - walkways - pergolas - lakes - waterfalls - fountains - lighting - electricity and irrigation networks.


The soft scape includes the works of: Agriculture in general (trees - shrubs - fences - climbers - flowers - green areas - ... etc.)


The landscape first begins with surveying work (dimensions of the land and its topography (heights - plateaus - depressions ... etc.) using surveying tools and equipment, especially the total station.


This work is carried out by engineers specialized in Tascon in surveying and assisted by assistants.


Then engineers specialized in the taskon company in landscape design work (usually architects) who are good at using Autocad and Photoshop programs, make a conceptual design for the site to present it to the owner to make his comments.


After approving the design, the surveying engineers sign the drawings in the design on the ground.


Hard scape works start first, taking into account the extension of precipices to pass irrigation networks for agriculture.


After a while, the soft scape work begins to overlap, and it usually starts with planting huge palm trees and large trees, and at the same time the irrigation engineer connects the networks first-hand for everything that is planted.


After that, everyone works at the same time (hardscape - softscape) to finish the project.


The softscape usually lasts for a year before handing over the project to take into account the crops and their maintenance so that they look beautiful and picturesque.


Landscape engineers usually work in different disciplines, such as:


Civil - Architectural - Electrical - Electromechanical - Surveying - Irrigation - Agriculture - Technical Office.
Tractor army of helpers and workers.
Drivers of heavy vehicles (loader - pump - pop cat - forklift ... etc.)


We adopt the foundations of good integrated business, starting from planning and discussion, through all stages of implementation, to reach the best possible result, thanks to our possession of a group of highly experienced engineers and technicians, and our follow-up to the latest technologies used in decoration works and others to obtain the best practical designs and make the place more comfortable and beautiful.


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